Collective Nouns

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Examples of Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns name the group of objects in your sentence.

Examples dozen muffins pod of dolphins team of players
tribe of monkeys herd of cattle swarm of bees

Opening your sentences with a cluster of collective nouns will grab the reader's attention. Helping With Writing lessons and worksheets provide ample practice for improving and developing your children's grammar. Definitions are delivered to develop dynamite documents.

Collective Noun Openers: Lessons & Worksheets

Mini Lesson One; Give the reader more details about your writing by using collective nouns. Examples; herd of buffalo, pride of lions, choir of singers, school of whales, pack of wolves, team of hockey players, tribe of natives, troupe of dancers.

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Prompt to try writing worksheet 1) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

Mini Lesson Two; A collective noun is a word used to define a group of objects. Here is a Example of Collective Nouns; animals, people, flock, emotions, committee and hive.

Prompt to try writing worksheet 2) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

Mini Lesson Three; Opening your sentences with collective nouns creates an interesting beginning to your writing.

Prompt to try writing worksheet 3) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

Mini Lesson Four; Definition; Collective Nouns refer to a group of countable nouns as a unit. For example; there are 12 eggs in a dozen, there are 52 cards in a deck.

Here is a list of some countable collective nouns;


Prompt to try writing worksheet 4) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

Mini Lesson Five; Here is a List of Examples of Collective Nouns;

crowd of fans
staff of teachers
troupe of dancers
firm of lawyers
group of singers
majority of liberals
minority of conservatives
cloud of butterflies
navy of sailors
party of children
array of cupcakes
cast of actors
faculty of education
department of health
board of directors
congregation of worshipers
bunch of tulips
gang of thieves

Opening your sentence with collective nouns grabs the reader's attention. Boring Example; The killer whale hunts in herds. Attention grabbing opening; Herds of killer whales hunt for their prey. Avoid opening your sentences with boring words like "the", but open with describing words like collective nouns. Have fun searching for new describing words in all the reading that you do. Keep a notebook handy and write lists of collective nouns that you find. Start writing down your own bank of words for your perusal in all your writing pieces.

Prompt to try writing worksheet 5) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

Mini Lesson Six; Collective Nouns help the reader to paint a picture in their mind about the subject in your sentence.

Prompt to try writing worksheet 6) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

Mini Lesson Seven; Add flavour to your writing by describing the nouns using their group name. Worksheet 7 is a paragraph that uses numerous examples of collective nouns to enhance the story. Can you spot them all?

Prompt to try writing worksheet 7) Worksheet on Collective Nouns

View the Collective Nouns List and Examples for more writing help.

Notebook Work; Definition - Collective nouns are the words that tell about the objects or people as a unit or group in a sentence.