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Definition of a Sentence Opener

A Sentence Opener begins to paint a picture in the reader's mind and grabs their attention by drawing them into the composition. When a writer uses a verb, plural noun, collective noun or a preposition to start their sentence they are using sentence openers.

The writing activities, games, examples, lists, charts of openers and worksheets will develop your child's writing skills and strategies. The writing skills that your child learns at Helping With Writing will transfer over to all of their writing of introductions, essays, references, thesis', resumes, research papers and any other compositions that they tackle.

Definitions, Examples and Seven Lessons are presented here in each of the four sections.

Here are the four sections of Sentence Opener Lessons;

Guidance on Helping Your Children

A good routine to establish with your children is as follows:

Tessie's Tips

You may find your children will want to do the worksheet with you. If so, that is fine.

Answer any questions that they may have. You are there to support them and this may mean spoon feeding them. If needed, do the worksheet together. You do not want to set your children up for failure, but role model for them and guide them to improving their writing. By role modeling, you are showing them how to do the work and building their confidence.

Or, you may find that they would rather work alone; whichever, allow them time to do each worksheet.