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Abstract Nouns

Ability Company
Advantage Compassion
Adventure Confidence
Amazement Confusion
Anger Contentment
Annoyance Courage
Anxiety Crime
Appetite Culture
Apprehension Curiosity
Argument Death
Awareness Deceit
Awe Dedication
Beauty Defeat
Belief Delay
Bravery Delight
Brilliance Democracy
Calm Despair
Care Determination
Chaos Dictatorship
Charity Disappointment
Clarity Disbelief
Cleverness Dishonesty
Coldness Disregard
Comfort Disturbance
Communication Dream
Education Goal
Ego Goodness
Elegance Gossip
Endurance Grace
Energy Graciousness
Enhancement Grief
Enthusiasm Growth
Envy Happiness
Evil Hate
Excitement Hatred
Fact Helpfulness
Failure Helplessness
Faith Homelessness
Faithfulness Honesty
Fascination Honour
Fashion Hope
Favouritism Horror
Fear Hospitality
Fiction Humility
Forgiveness Humour
Fragility Hurt
Freedom Idea
Friendship Idiosyncrasy
Gain Imagination
Generosity Impression
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Improvement Marriage
Infancy Maturity
Inflation Memory
Information Mercy
Insanity Misery
Integrity Motivation
Intelligence Movement
Irritation Music
Jealousy Need
Joy Opinion
Justice Opportunity
Kindness Pain
Knowledge Patience
Laughter Peace
Law Peculiarity
Leisure Perseverance
Liberty Philosophy
Lie Pleasure
Life Poverty
Loneliness Power
Loss Pride
Love Principle
Loyalty Progress
Luck Reality
Luxury Refreshment
Relaxation Stupidity
Relief Success
Religion Surprise
Rhythm Sympathy
Riches Talent
Right Thought
Romance Thrill
Rumour Timing
Sacrifice Tiredness
Sadness Tolerance
Sanity Trend
Satisfaction Trouble
Sensitivity Trust
Service Truth
Shock Uncertainty
Skill Union
Slavery Victory
Sleep Wariness
Solitude Warmth
Sophistication Weakness
Sorrow Wealth
Speculation Weariness
Speed Wisdom
Strength Wit
Strictness Worry
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