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Adjectives (2 Pages)

Adorable Busy
Adventurous Calm
Aggressive Careful
Agreeable Cautious
Alert Charming
Amused Cheeky
Angry Cheerful
Annoying Clean
Anxious Clear
Appalling Clever
Appetizing Cloudy
Arrogant Clueless
Ashamed Clumsy
Attractive Colorful
Awful Comfortable
Bad Concerned
Beautiful Confused
Better Cooperative
Bloody Courageous
Bored Crazy
Brave Crowded
Bright Cruel
Broad Curious
Bulky Curved
Burly Dangerous
Dark Expensive
Dashing Fair
Deep Faithful
Defeated Famous
Delicious Fancy
Delightful Fantastic
Depressed Fierce
Determined Fine
Different Foolish
Difficult Fragile
Disgusted Frantic
Distinct Fresh
Disturbed Friendly
Doubtful Funny
Drab Gentle
Drained Gifted
Dull Gigantic
Eager Glamorous
Easy Gleaming
Enchanting Glorious
Encouraging Good
Energetic Gorgeous
Envious Graceful
Evil Grieving
Excited Grumpy
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Handsome Light
Happy Little
Healthy Lively
Helpful Livid
Helpless Lonely
High Lovely
Hilarious Lucky
Hollow Magnificent
Horrible Misty
Horrific Modern
Huge Mysterious
Hungry Narrow
Hurt Naughty
Icy Nervous
Ideal Nice
Important Obedient
Impossible Odd
Innocent Open
Inquisitive Outrageous
Irritable Perfect
Jealous Plain
Jolly Pleasant
Joyous Poised
Kind Poor
Lazy Powerful
Precious Thick
Proud Thoughtful
Puzzled Tight
Real Timely
Reassured Tired
Relieved Tough
Responsive Tricky
Rich Troubled
Ripe Ugly
Scary Uneven
Selfish Uninterested
Shy Unusual
Sleepy Upset
Smiling Vast
Sore Victorious
Sparkling Vivid
Splendid Wandering
Strange Weary
Stupid Wicked
Successful Wild
Super Witty
Talented Worried
Tasty Worrisome
Terrible Wrong
Thankful Zealous
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