List of Colective Nouns (for groups of animals)

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List of Group Names and Collective Nouns

barren of mules herd or bevy of swans
bevy of roes herd of ponies
brood or covey of grouse host of sparrows
brood of hens or chickens kindle of kittens
cete of badgers labour of moles
clowder of cats leap of leopards
colony of gulls litter of cubs
covey of partridges murmuration of starlings
drove or herd of cattle nest of rabbits
exaltation of larks pack of grouse
field or string of racehourse padling of ducks
flight of swallows pride or troop of lions
flock or flight of pigeons rag of colts
flock of sheep run of poultry
flock or gaggle of geese school or gam of porpoises
gang of elk shrewdness of apes
haras of horses skulk of foxes
herd of antelopes sloth of bears
herd of buffalo sounder of boars
herd of deer swarm of insects
herd of giraffes troop of kangaroos
herd or tribe of goats troop of monkeys
herd or pod of seals watch of nightingales