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Homophones (2 Pages)

ad add
air heir
aisle isle
allowed aloud
altar alter
ate eight
band banned
bare bear
be bee
bean been
beat beet
billed build
blew blue
board bored
brake break
but butt
buy by
cell sell
cent scent
cereal serial
coarse course
complement compliment
council counsel
dear deer
die dye
duel dual
eye I
fair fare
flea flee
flour flower
heal heel
hear here
heard herd
higher hire
him hymn
hoard horde
hole whole
hour our
idle idol
knead need
knew new
knight night
knit nit
knot not
know no
knows nose
leak leek
lessen lesson
made maid
mail male
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meat meet
missed mist
muscle mussel
naval navel
none nun
one won
pair pear
peace piece
peak peek
plain plane
pray prey
principal principle
rain reign
raise rays
read red
real reel
right write
role roll
root route
rose rows
sail sale
scene seen
sea see
seam seem
sew so
slay sleigh
sight site
slay sleigh
sole soul
some sum
son sun
stair stare
stake steak
steal steel
suite sweet
sweet suite
tail tale
their there
there their
throne thrown
to too
toe tow
waist waste
wait weight
waive wave
way weigh
weak week
wear where
whine wine
wood would
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