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Hyphenated Words

able-bodied high-spirited round-trip
anti-theft high-tech run-in
brother-in-law ill-timed runner-up
call-up in-depth self-service
check-in know-it-all short-change
clean-cut large-scale shrink-wrap
corn-fed left-handed single-minded
co-worker life-size strong-arm
daughter-in-law low-grade three-dimensional
de-emphasize low-key tie-break
double-cross middle-aged tip-off
double-park mother-in-law tip-off
empty-handed near-sighted toss-up
ex-husband non-starter two-thirds
face-saving not-for-profit ultra-violet
father-in-law off-peak u-turn
follow-up off-site walk-on
four-letter-word old-fashioned warm-up
front-runner one-sided well-being
get-together passer-by well-known
good-looking price-fixing word-of-mouth
habit-forming pro-Scottish worn-out
half-witted quick-witted x-ray