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Commonly Used Verbs

Base Simple Past Past Participle
be were been
believe believed believed
come came come
create created created
do did done
expect expected expected
fall fell fallen
follow followed followed
get got got
go went gone
grow grew grown
have had had
hear heard heard
help helped helped
hold held held
include included included
kill killed killed
know knew known
lead led led
leave left left
let let let
like liked liked
look looked looked
lose lost lost
Base Simple Past Past Participle
love loved loved
make made made
move moved moved
pull pulled pulled
put put put
require required required
run ran run
say said said
see saw seen
sell sold sold
send sent sent
serve served served
show showed shown
spend spent spent
start started started
take took taken
talk talked talked
think thought thought
turn turned turned
use used used
wait waited waited
want wanted wanted
watch watched watched
write wrote written
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