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Worksheet 5/7 A Colony of Collective Nouns

Circle the collective noun and the group that it is describing in each sentence. Read the work aloud to help your child hear the correct way the sentence should sound. It is also easier to spot mistakes when you hear your work. The first one has been done for you.

1) Clouds of butterflies flew towards the lake.

2) Bunches of tulips grew along the road side.

3) Groups of singers rehearsed in the theatre.

4) Crowds of fans cheered for their hockey team.

5) Departments of health and welfare met to discuss the new hospital.

6) Firms of lawyers signed the legal documents.

7) Arrays of cupcakes were displayed in the bakery window.


Now use these collect nouns to write your own sentences.

convoys of trucks packs of wolves pods of whales atlas of maps

Tessie's tips on writing... These collective nouns were used as sentence openers. Collective nouns help provide you with good ideas for writing.

Recommended Reading, "The Boy Who Loved Words", by Roni Schotter, Illustrator, Giselle Potter.