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Worksheet 6/7 A Fling of Collective Nouns

Circle the collective noun that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you.

1) The ( classroom / herd ) of students read the directions on the whiteboard.

2) Sailing around the ( flock / chain ) of islands, the crew of sailors cheered.

3) Bears fish in the river as the ( clouds / runs ) of salmon swam upstream.

4) Slithering and hissing, the ( pits / brigades ) of snakes settled for sleep.

5) Running late, I ran up ( flights / pods ) of stairs in record time.

6) Looking up at the sky, I had a glimpse of the ( packs / galaxies ) of stars.

7) After the holidays, we had ( colonies / heaps ) of trash.


Here are examples using the collective nouns as sentence openers.

1) Classrooms of students followed the directions on the whiteboard.

2) Chains of islands were sailed around as the crew of sailors cheered.

3) Runs of salmon swan upstream as the bears fished in the deep river.

4) Pits of snakes settled down for sleep as they slitherd and hissed.

5) Flights of stairs were taken in record time because I was running late.

6) Galaxies of stars were seen by me as I looked up at the night sky.

7) Heaps of trash filled our garbage can after the holidays.

Tessie's tips on writing...Write these collective nouns in your notebook. Recommended Reading; "Sing a Song of Mother Goose", Barbara Reid.