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Worksheet 1/7 Get Personable with Nouns

Circle the person, place or object; circle the nouns. The first one has been done for you.

1) Walking into her kitchen, Mrs. Knight sat on the chair.

2) A magician juggled oranges in the backyard.

3) My cousins came to Texas from Canada to visit us.

4) Tiger Woods uses a towel to clean his clubs.

5) The last emperor of China lived in the Forbidden City.

6) Mr. Jones studied the life of the beaver in North Dakota.

7) My mom always takes several towels to the beach.


Here are examples of the nouns from above as sentence openers.

1) Mrs. Knight walked into her kitchen and sat on the chair.

2) Oranges were juggled by the magician in our backyard.

3) Cousins came to visit us in Texas all the way from Canada.

4) Clubs were always cleaned by Tiger Woods.

5) China saw the last emperor living in the Forbidden City.

6) Beavers in North Dakota are being studied by Mr. Jones.

7) Towels get very sandy at the beach.

Tessie's tips on writing... Creative writing may use specific nouns. Recommended Reading; "Puff the Magic Dragon", Peter Yarrow & Lenny Lipton.