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Worksheet 7/7 Naming Nouns

Circle the nouns in the paragraph below. There are 80 nouns. Many nouns are repeated. The first sentence has been done for you.

The Food Chain

Food Chains are the feeding relationships among plants and animals. They are a hierarchy of different living things feeding on the one below it.


The beginning of all food chains starts with the sun. Plants convert the sun's energy into food. A vegetable garden shows how a food chain works. Lettuce growing in your garden gets its food energy from the sun. It also drinks water and absorbs nutrients from the soil. The sun is the first link and the lettuce is the second link in this simple food chain.


The third link is when a slug eats the lettuce. The energy from the lettuce is transferred to the slug.

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Fourthly, a beetle eats the slug transferring the food energy from the slug to the beetle.


The fifth link is when a mouse eats the beetle. And, lastly, an owl swoops down and eats the mouse. The owl has no natural predators. There is no animal that will try to hunt the owl for food. Being at the top of the food chain, the owl will benefit from all the energy passed through all the members of the chain; the lettuce, the slug, the beetle and the mouse.


Most plants and animals consume, eat or are consumed,eaten. There is a transfer of energy from one to another as each member eats a lower member. That lower member, in turn, is preyed upon by a higher member on the food chain. The energy is transferred from the lower member to the higher member. A transfer of energy from one organism to another organism is in the from of food. In a predator food chain, a plant-eating animal is eaten by a meat-eating animal. There are many different types of food chains in nature. Each environment has its own food chain. Like the owl, people are at the top of their food chain and; therefore, have no predators.


Anyone hungry?


Tessie's tips on writing... Find another simple food chain and write a paragraph about it in your notebook. Share your writing with a friend. Ask them to write about a food chain too. Recommended Reading; "Food Chain", M.P.Robertson.