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Worksheet 1/7 Inside Prepositions

The chart of preposition words are in the sentences. Circle the preposition in each sentence that tells where the subject or noun is located. The first one has been done for you.


between into underneath in around on at for towards

1) It isn't easy being a bull in a china shop.

2) Peg laid the marker on the line.

3) A castle stood between two rivers.

4) I want to sink my teeth into that burger.

5) Driving around the streets, we finally arrived at the store.

6) Digging underneath the cabin, we found tons of worms for fishing.

7) Lumbering towards her den, the sleepy bear stretched and yawned.

Tessie's tips on writing... Think about where something is placed. Play a game; take a ball and place it in different places around the room. Ask your partner to describe where it is each time. Recommended Reading; "Grimm's Fairy Tales", byThe Brothers Grimm .