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Worksheet 6/7 Position Your Prepositions Perfectly

Read the sentence aloud first to hear which preposition sounds right. Circle the preposition that best fits in the sentence. The first one has been done for you.

1) Anne is going (to / again) eat dinner and then study.

2) Ask (beneath / for) someone's help.

3) Jumping (off / up) the diving board was fun.

4) What are you going to say (to / around) your teacher?

5) Bolting (through/ from) the grassy meadow, the rabbit disappeared.

6) Let's go (opposite / on) a picnic next Saturday.

7) Drip, drop went the leak (out of / during) the tap.


Tessie's tips on writing... Play "Simon Says" to master your English grammar use of prepositions. Use a cup and any small object. Place the object under, on top of, beside, underneath, near, behind, around, above, below, by, on or in. Use your imagination and have fun playing the game. Recommended Reading; "Madeline", by Ludwig Bemelmans.