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Worksheet 7/7 Proper Placement of Prepositions

Read the story all the way through first before circling the prepositions. Many are used more than once.

Circle the 35 prepositions that are in this story.
of (2)
in (3)
to (4)
above (2)
on (2)
off (2)
between (2)

Dawson Near Dakota Dragon Story

Dawson Dragon lived in the high mountains of Calgorie, the enchanted province of Kindness. Between every mountain a river flowed gently out to the sea. Up every valley a forest flourished.

Sailing through the humid air, Dawson Dragon searched for his fearless friend, Dakota Dragon. He dipped his right wing around to catch the strong current. Above the cumulus clouds he soared searching, spying. All in hopes of finding his pretty playmate. Glancing down between the feathery clouds, Dawson spotted his favorite friend, Dakota. She was whirling and twirling on the updrafts rising off the warm lake below.

Dawson dove toward his trusted friend, dodging the flock of geese that were gliding by in their classic V-shaped formation. Somersaulting in front of his buddy, Dawson skimmed his powerful talons along the serene lake, breaking, not only the calm surface of the alpine lake, but Dakota's concentration too. Boo. Shrieking, Dakota fluttered her webbed wings and sped off above the still lake. The chase was on! After swooping and swirling, Dakota plunged, landing on the soft ground. Hiding underneath the shade of the tall trees, she sneaked a peak to spy her childhood campanion. Dawson touched down beside his fast friend . With a sigh of relief, Dawson asked Dakota if she would come to his birthday party. He was turning 231 years old next Wednesday.

Tessie's tips on writing... Re write a story that you like by adding prepositions to make the story more interesting. Recommended Reading; "Dragon Rider", by Cornelia Funke.