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Worksheet 1/7 Vital Verbs

Verbs tell us what the subject is doing in the sentence. Circle the verb openers in the sentences below. Add these verbs to your list of words in your notebook. The first sentence has been done for you.


1) Accept the gift from your friend.

2) Bang the drum loudly at the concert.

3) Calculate the difference between five and seven.

4) Decorate the hall for the holidays, please.

5) Encourage your children to read everyday.

6) Fix the hole in the boat so that it will float.

7) Gather up the dishes and we will wash them together.


These sentences open with verbs to grab the reader's attention.



Tessie's tips on writing...Use a variety of verbs to enhance your writing. Recommended Reading; "Pooh Bear" A.A.Milne.