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Worksheet 2/7 Visiting Verb Openers

Circle the verb in each sentence. Notice that there is more than one verb in some of the sentences. The first one has been done for you.

1) Several people are walking around the mall.

2) Hissing, the snakes slither through the tall grass.

3) Mr. Burns agreed that the car would not move.

4) Snow covers the ground like a fluffy, white blanket.

5) Their boots were filling with water.

6) Flocks of swans honk as they fly North in Spring.

7) Behind the door, the coats are hanging.


Now, I am going to re-write the sentences using the verbs as sentence openers. Notice how you have to change some of the words so that the sentences make sense.


1) Walking around the mall, several people were shopping.

2) Slithering through the tall grass, the snakes hissed.

3) Moving the car is too difficult for Mr. Burns.

4) Covering the ground like a white blanket, snow fell softly.

5) Filling with water, their boots became heavy .

6) Flying North in Spring, the flocks of geese were honking.

7) Hanging the coats behind the door was a good idea.

Tessie's tips on writing...When using the verb as the sentence opener, you have to change the ending. Read the sentences aloud to hear if they makes sense and then change them accordingly.

Recommended Reading; "A Bear Called Paddington", by Michael Bond.