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Worksheet 5/7 Vocal Verbs

Circle the verb that best fits the sentence. Say the sentence out loud to hear the correct answer. The first one has been done for you.

1) Everyday, before you come to class, do you (eat / ate) breakfast?

2) Did you (rode / ride) the bus to school?

3) What were you (did / doing) this time yesterday?

4) How many questions have I (asked / asking) you so far?

5) What are you (do / doing) right now?

6) Did you (watched / watch) TV last night?

7) The sun is not (shone / shining) today.


I have answered the questions in my own words.

1) Yes, I ate porridge for breakfast.

2) Yes, I rode the bus to school.

3) I did my piano lesson at this time yesterday.

4) You have asked me four questions so far.

5) I am doing my homework right now.

6) No, I did not watch TV last night.

7) No, the sun is not shining today.


Now you answer the questions using your own words.

Tessie's tips on writing...Read your sentences to a friend for good proof reading practice.

Recommended Reading; "Where the Sidewalk Ends", Shel Silverstein.