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Worksheet 7/7 Vibrating Verbs

Write the verbs that have been used as openers in the chart below. There are 11 verb openers. The first one has been done for you.

Organizing ourselves for the track and field day, athletes and students gathered in front of the school to catch the bus to the meet. Arriving late, the bus finally pulled up. Loading onto the bus was fast, there was lots of excitement in the air. All the students and athletes were cheering and chanting our school song in anticipation of the sporting events that were to about to begin.

Once we arrived at the stadium, we saw many teams preparing for the events. Stretching and jumping into the air, athletes started to focus on their sport. Our best relay runner, Paul, felt that he had a good chance of winning the race. Training since the beginning of September, he was fit. Our school body was behind the athletes 100% and had supported them throughout the school year. We were ready.

Running on the inside lane, our relay team pumped their arms and moved their legs so fast we couldn't tell where one leg started and the other ended. Sailing down the track, they moved like lightening. On the final stretch, the baton was passed to Paul, our cheetah. Grabbing the baton, he pounced down the track. He had to close the gap between himself and the first place runner from last year. Kicking out his foot to touch the finish line first, Paul leaped to victory. Our school had won the relay for the very first time ever! Hugging and shouting, everyone was waving the school banners in the air. Tossing our hats up, we celebrated. The sound was deafening. We cheered for our victory all the way back to the school.

Verb Openers

Tessie's tips on writing...Write verb opener sentences in your daily writing to help you to remember to use them more frequently. Recommended Reading; " Penguins can't drive buses", Mo Willems.