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Worksheet 2/7 On Second Thought, The Subject

Write the subject or noun on the line. Use the list of words from the table below or use your own words. The first one has been done for you.


children car men Holly balloons We dogs


1) Holly is running.
2) Old men walked in the park.
3) Purple balloons floated up into the clear blue sky.
4) All at once, children brust out singing happy birthday.
5) The car stopped at the red light.
6) Some dogs do bite.
7) We fly our kite.


7 marks for each; noun circled, word spelled correctly, capital letters, period or full stop at the end of the sentence. Check your work with the Rubric.


Tessie's tips on writing... Visual learners understand best when they see what they are studying. Rewrite the above sentences to help commit to memory proper sentence structure. Recommended Reading; "Where the Wild Things Are", Maurice Sendak.