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Worksheet 6/7 See the Subject (Noun) and Point out the Predicate (Verb)

Write the predicate letter beside the matching subject. The first one has been done for you.

subject answer predicate
1) my cat
A is hot and rainy
2) the museum
B gave birth to three kittens
3) we played
C the melting ice cream
4) the weather
D lots of games
5) his father
E is a famous singer and actor
6) elvis
F is doing gardening in the backyard
7) we licked
G is near the subway station

Now write the sentences with capital letters and punctuation.

My cat gave birth to three kittens.
2) The museum is near the subway station.
3) We played lots of games.
4) The weather is hot and rainy.
5) His father is doing the gardening in the backyard.
6) Elvis is a famous singer and actor.
7) We licked the melting ice cream.

Do your sentence make sense when you say them out loud? Did you spell each word correctly? Did you use capital letters at the beginning of your sentences and periods at the end of your sentences. Check your work with the Rubric.

Tessie's tips on writing... Proof read your sentences by re-reading them aloud. Check your work; "Did you begin your sentences with capital letters?" Excellent! A+! Recommended Reading; "Revolting Rhymes", by Roald Dahl.