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Worksheet 7/7 Divide the Subject and Predicate

Draw a line between the subject and the predicate. The subject is the noun or the person, place or object. The predicate is the action or verb. The first one has been done for you.

1) The girls/played volleyball.

2) His parents/went out.

3) Grandma and Grandpa/watched television together.

4) The runner/won the race .

5) Jessica/tossed the ball.

6) Dinosaurs/roamed the earth.

7) Jack/wandered around the store.


Circle all the subjects or nouns and the predicates or verbs. The first sentence has been done for you.

Children have always enjoyed playing sports. Their parents love to watch them kick balls, run races and ride their bikes. Playing sports keeps children healthy and happy. Try different sports to find ones that you like to play and do them often. A soccer ball can go anywhere with you. A swim suit packs nicely in a suitcase and a bicycle takes you where you want to go for free. Be adventurous and have fun trying new sports.


Remember to keep adding to or making new lists of words in your notebook. Also, copy sentences that you like to reinforce proper English grammar and punctuation.


Tessie's tips on writing... When you read, ask yourself, "Which is the noun and which is the verb?" Recommended Reading; "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", by Eric Carle.