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The Student Writing Examples here provides you with the opportunity to read what young, buddying authors can achieve after working through Helping With Writing lessons. English grammar was learned, checked, corrected, and published. Once the students worked through the Sentence Structure Lessons, they tackled the Sentence Opener Lessons. Their writing developed as their confidence and unique creative writing styles blossomed. It was such a joy to watch how they began to take risks and apply all their new writing skills to their stories.

As the students wrote, they independently proof read and edited their writing. They checked for specific corrections only. I do not expect at this stage for all corrections to be made at once as the writer can become overwhelmed with editing and criticism. They may only see the mistakes and this could lead to stagnating the creative writing process. Picking a few areas to edit, like spelling and verb sentence openers, is one example of where to do some editing.

I hope you savour reading the students' writing as much as I relished in teaching them.

Permission granted by the authors. Names are kept anonymous.

Here is a list of Student Writing Examples Labelled by Beginning Writer, Developing Writer and Master Writer.