HelpingWithWriting.com started as website to help parents support their children to develop their writing skills. You can get started on this with these four lessons on sentence openers.

More recently the site has expanded to include more general help with the many rules surrounding grammar and punctuation. Some of these rules change with time, and some change depending on what part of the world you might be writing in. What we have tried to do here at HelpingWithWriting.com, is to capture what we think are most important rules and to provide guidance that will allow you to improve your writing in as efficient a manner as possible and without necessarily having to memorize all of these rules.


Grammar is defined in the Collins Concise Dictionary as "the rules of a language, that show how sentences are formed, or how words are inflected." While the correct use of grammar does not necessarily add authority to your writing, using it incorrectly will certainly detract from whatever impression you might be trying to make.


Punctuation is defined as "the use of symbols such as commas, to indicated speech patterns and meaning not otherwise shown by the written language." When we talk, we use pauses and changes in emphasis to improve how we communicate. When we write, we achieve the same using punctuation. e.g. commas, semi-colons, colons, hyphens, apostrophes, and quotation marks.

Sentence Structure

If you are concerned about misplacing or dangling your modifiers, then you might find this section of the site of interest. It starts with help and guidance on using good transitions when writing sentences.

Writing Tips

You will find various other pieces of guidance to help with writing including useful examples on how to avoid commonly mixed-up words. For example, would you be disinterested or uninterested in this help?

The most popular resource on the site right now is the noun list categorized under person, place, or thing. You'll find that among several other resources with all the other handy word lists. You will also find all the writing worksheets listed here.