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This section of the site helps parents, carers, and anybody else who wants to help those just starting out on their writing adventures.

Helping Your Children To Write

There's a Time and a Place

Provide a quiet study area for your children to do their work. Have pencils, pens and crayons to make it an inviting place to be. Set an egg timer for the amount of time your children will work. 15 - 20 minutes is a good length of time to work.

It's Their Writing

Provide your children with a notebook at their desk to use as a journal or diary. When children write about their own experiences, they make a connection with their writing and their ideas flow off the pages. Have your children write some sentences in their notebook. Remind them to proof read their writing by reading it aloud to hear that it sounds correct.

Overcoming Barriers

If your children are struggling to write about something, encourage them to draw a picture. Putting pencil (or crayon) to paper helps to break down the barrier between their ideas and seeing them being written (or recorded) on paper. Ask your children questions about they drawing and encourage them to write what they are telling you.

Start to brainstorm ideas with your children about what they like. Your children can write lists of what they like in their notebook. From the lists, your children can start writing sentences about what they like.

Select from the options below to find more guidance and resources to help your children write.

Tessie's Tips

A program starting with a lesson on sentence structure, which leads on to the use of sentence openers to encourage your children to write their own captivating and creative sentences. Children build their writing skills taking simple baby steps.

Before the Pencil

Guidance and tips on how to prepare your children as they start their writing journey. This ranges from direction on how to hold a pencil to playful exercises with letters being written by finger in the cookie-dough!

Letter Worksheets

A listing of worksheets and activities that will help your children form letters, from a to z, and in both lower and upper case.