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Collective Nouns

army of ants clump of trees
bale of cotton collection of coins
band of musicians colony of ants
basket of fruit company of actors
batch of bread crate of fruit
battery of guns crowd of people
bevy of beauties crowd of spectators
bevy of quail drove of cattle
block of flats drove of horses
board of directors fall of rain
body of men fall of snow
bouquet of flowers fleet of ships
bunch of crooks flight of doves
bunch of flowers flight of steps
bunch of grapes flock of birds
bunch of keys flock of sheep
bundle of rags forest of trees
chest of drawers gaggle of geese
choir of singers gang of crooks
circle of friends gang of thieves
class of pupils garland of flowers
cloud of dust group of islands
cloud of insects hail of bullets
herd of cattle school of fish
herd of deer series of events
herd of swine set of clubs
hive of bees set of teeth
horde of savages sheaf of grain
host of sparrows sheaf of wheat
list of names shelf of books
litter of cubs stack of arms
litter of kittens stack of wood
litter of puppies staff of teachers
mass of people string of horses
nest of mice string of pearls
pack of cards suit of clothes
pack of hounds suite of rooms
pack of thieves swarm of bees
pack of wolves swarm of locusts
pair of shoes team of horses
party of visitors team of oxen
pencil of rays team of players
plague of locusts train of camels
pride of lions troop of lions
range of mountains troop of monkeys
ream of paper troupe of dancers
reel of thread wad of currency
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