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Examples of Word Contractions

Contraction Full Form
aren't are not
can't cannot, can not
couldn't could not
didn't did not
doesn't does not
don't do not
everybody's everybody is
everyone's everyone is
hadn't had not
hasn't has not
he'll he will, he shall
he's he is, he was
how'll how will
how're how are
how's how is, how has
I'd I would, I had
I'll I will, I shall
I'm I am
it's it is, it has
I've I have
let's let us
mustn't must not
needn't need not
she'd she would, she had
Contraction Full Form
she'll she will, she shall
she's she is, she has
should've should have
shouldn't should not
that'll that will, that shall
that's that is, that has
there's there is, there has
they'd they had, they would
they're they are
they've they have
wasn't was not
we'd we had, we would
we'll we will, we shall
weren't were not
who'd who had, who would
who'll who will
who've who have
won't will not
would've would have
wouldn't would not
you'd you had, you would
you'll you will, you shall
you're you are
you've you have