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The definitions and explanations below will help you when you are helping your children to improve their writing.

Collective Nouns

Gather up all your individual things, all your objects that are the same. Now, put them all together. You now have a collection of objects which together are called a collective noun. Examples; many buffalo is a herd, 12 eggs is one dozen, 13 buns is a baker's dozen, (the baker gives you one for free), a cloud of butterflies, bunch of roses, pod of whales, swarm of bees are all colorful words to describe a collection of nouns, a collective noun. Cunningly Clever!


Everything around us, including us, has a name. A noun by any other name is still a noun. Nouns are a person, a place or an object. Examples; person, teacher, child, father, mom, doctor, reporter .place; school, kitchen, police station, office, classroom, home. object; orange, chair, pencil, computer, car, TV, river, boats. Nouns name.


Location, location, location is the position of the prepositions. Pre - position. They really get around, and underneath and into you. Place them properly in your writing to tell the reader where to go. Examples; beside, around, beside, below, through, inside, in, out.


Vibrating verbs add action to the noun in your writing. Examples; running, reading, thinking, smelling, giggling, struggling, tasting.