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Worksheet 5/7 Placement of Prepositions is Primary

Write the preposition from the chart that best fits in the sentence.

off(2) toward inside over to (2) into
with of (2)

1) The Mailman dropped the letter into our mailbox.

2) Off went the children to their birthday party.

3) Open the garage door so I can park inside.

4) "We are thinking of you!", Sarah giggled over the phone.

5) Riding her bicycle toward the library, Charlotte whistled.

6) With a hot cup of tea on his knee, Dad read the newspaper.

7) Learning how to ride a bike, Jan wobbled off down the road.

Write the prepositions as sentence openers.

1) Into our mailbox the letter was dropped by the mailman.
2) To their party the children went merrily.
3) Inside the garage I park my car.
4) Over the phone Sarah giggled, "We are thinking of you."
5) Toward the library Charlotte rode her bicycle.
6) On his knee sat a hot cup of tea as Dad read the newpaper.
7) Off down the road, Jan wobbled learning how to ride a bike.

Tessie's tips on writing...Write preposition sentences in your notebook. Recommended Reading; "Olivia", by Ian Falconer.