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Worksheet 6/7 Vanishing Verbs

Read all the words in the chart first before filling in the blanks. You may find that more than one verb will fit into more than one sentence. Pick the best answer.

built made soared wondered sliding jump opened


1) Within a few minutes, Sammy was sliding down the hill.

2) Everyone had to jump out of his way.

3) When she opened her eyes, she could see people looking at her.

4) The children built a huge snowman and used a carrot for a nose.

5) He wondered if the snow was as soft as a feather.

6) Sarah soared through the air and then landed with a poof.

7) We made the snowman especially for you.


I have written the sentences using the verbs as sentence openers.

1) Sliding down the hill, Sammy screamed with glee.

2) Jumping out of his way, we cheered him on.

3) Opening her eyes, she could see the people looking at her.

4) Building a huge snowman was fun.

5) Wondering if the snow was cold, he shivered.

6) Soaring through the air, she waved her arms.

7) Making the snowman was hard, cold work, but fun all the same.

Tessie's tips on writing...Continue to build your list of verbs by writing the examples that you like in your notebook.

Recommended Reading; "The Z was Zapped ", by Chris van Allsburg .