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Hansel & Gretle – Beginning Writer - Although there are several grammatical errors here, they do not impede on the meaning of the letter. Hansel & Gretle completed the assignment at the developmentally appropriate level for them. They would now benefit from further developing their proof reading skills by reviewing the Sentence Structure section and the Student Check List below.

Student Check List

1 capital letters - beginning of sentence, proper nouns
2 punctuation - periods or full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes, quotation marks
3 spaces between words - measure a pencil or pinky finger nail width between the words
4 spelling - expectations vary, words are age appropriate or unit/theme words are written in student's notebook

Good example of Student's hand written letter to Hansel & Gretle advising them not talk to strangers.

Student's drawing of Hansel & Gretle beside their house.


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