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1st Little Pig – Master Writer – Elaborate use of the English language. “Ya” and “u” impressively used for effect. Shaping words into block letters adds characterization to the writing, drawing the reader deeper into the composition. Humour is used to create vivid images, enhance the writing, and made me laugh out loud.

Student Check List

1 capital letters - beginning of sentence, proper nouns
2 punctuation - periods or full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, apostrophes, quotation marks
3 spaces between words - measure a pencil or pinky finger nail width between the words
4 spelling - expectations vary, words are age appropriate or unit/theme words are written in student's notebook

Build your writing starting from what you know and are comfortable with. Use your imagination to generate ideas. Be expressive. Play with the words and the English grammar. 1st little pig has clearly mastered all areas of English grammar because he now toys with the rules to develop and personalize his writing style.

Master Writing Example of student letter.

Student illustration of himself and 1st pig running away.

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